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Project Cars 3 Coming this Summer...

Started by Jason, June 03, 2020 @ 10:37:10 PM

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That Project CARS 3 is in development has been known for a while, but Slightly Mad Studios and Bandai Namco officially unveiled the game just yesterday. And as is often the case with racing sim titles, the question many people have on their minds about Project CARS 3 is what sort of a balance it will strike between authenticity and accessibility. According to director of production Pete Morrish, it will be doing both.

Speaking with IGN, Morrish explained that Project CARS 3 will be “much more welcoming” and “supportive” for newcomers and those who’re looking for a much more casual experience- but it won’t be doing so at the cost of authenticity, or by alienating fans of the first two games in the series, which went all-in on their simulation aspects.

“We’ve gone to great lengths to make what we do and what we love about sim racing much more democratic,” Morrish said. “Much more welcoming; much more supportive.”

According to Morrish, Project CARS 3 will let players comfortably enjoy the experience regardless of where they fall on the racing enthusiast spectrum- from those who want to casually enjoy the game to those who want a hardcore sim racer.

“That person that’s umming and erring between the two versions needs to go for the latest version, because â€" as an experience â€" it’s much more their cup of tea, we think,” he said. “It’ll let them find their position on the continuum between casual, mass-market racing fan or petrol head and all the way to hardcore sim racer.”

Morrish also gave assurances that developers Slightly Mad Studios won’t be forgetting about fans of the series in its bid to appeal to newcomers, and that Project CARS 3 is also making improvements for that crowd as well.

“We haven’t forgotten about what got us to this point and the people that supported us up to this point,” he said. “So what they know and love about the franchise is there and it’s better than it ever has been before.”

Project CARS 3 is due out for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC this summer.


Wow, I knew they were going with a more arcade style game, but why not make that stuff optional.

I realize they want to keep the name for brand recognition, but they may have been better off making this a new IP.

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Brad Company


Quote from: Brad Company on November 08, 2022 @ 02:13:47 PMPCars 4 coming out never.

I had completely forgotten there was ever a Project Cars 4 promised to us.

Ian Bell has recently been teasing a follow-up to the seminal GTR games, which made waves in the PC sim scene more years ago than I want to acknowledge. I wonder how many Slightly Mad staff will end up on that project and how many will end up on GRID, NFS or whatever.

The press release could possibly be teasing a move to the GRID franchise but looking at it, the acquisition and repurposing of so many competitors seems more likely to be about EA getting rid of Need For Speed's competitors than anything else. An expensive way to eliminate your competition but no less effective for that.

That, and if GRID was any kind of focus, they wouldn't have released GRID Legends the same week as Gran Turismo 7...

As far as PCARS goes, the Madness Engine clearly has all kinds of potential in it. Reiza Studios are making it do tremendous things within Automobilista 2 but they've had to fix a number of huge flaws on the way. Whether SMS tried to cram too much into their first 2 games, with the quality control suffering as a result, or whether they weren't capable of recognising those flaws, I don't know. Both games promised more than they delivered, ultimately, and PCARS 3 may as well have been from a completely different franchise altogether. Potential unfulfilled, at least by the folk who first displayed it.
Writing about racing cars, again:


I figured as much once EA bought Codemasters. It's sad to see another popular car franchise bite the dust. It would have been interesting to see how PC 4 tuned out after the negative reception towards PC 3.