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Virtual Baseball Season/Franchise Updates

Started by Ted, December 23, 2010 @ 12:04:21 AM

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I pulled out 2k12 over the weekend and started a franchise with Seattle, but did a computer draft for all the teams so everything was randomized.  Played 6 spring training games to find a good level.  Default All-Star seems to be a good balance of difficulty, realism, and fun so I think I'll go with that.  I set it up for a 52 game schedule.  I'll probably sim the rest of spring training and play from there.

I'll post the lineup and rotation later in case anyone is interested.

I was taking in the detail of the game on the new monitor and noticed the ball rotating differently on different pitches so I slowed it down in replay and looked and sure enough they don't show the grip changes with the pitch types (everything is gripped like a 4 seam), but sliders spin like sliders, changes like changes, 2 seam like a 2 seam, et al.  I thought that was pretty cool.


That's really cool.  High Heat had a little of that back in the day, but it was hard to see in the game from most camera angles.

Unfortunately, right in the middle of an exciting 2015 season, my original XBox has had another problem and is in now in a service shop.  It is unclear if it can be saved, and if not, it is unclear if the hard drive (with my career data on it) can be ported to another XBox.

Cross your fingers...



I found that original xbox.  I didn't trade it in.  I can't find the power supply, but that shouldn't matter right?  So no cords or controller, but do you want the box?


So in my season I forgot about the nasty pitcher injury bug and my ace, Jon Lester.  So he is out for 77 days (4 or 5 starts).  I have to find someone in AAA to bring up and I've turned off injuries.  It's a 52 games season and I don't want my team or CPU teams to be screwed by long injuries.  I decided to just live with the one with Lester because I didn't want to start all over and draft a new team.  I kind of like what the CPU drafted for me.

We won that game Lester in which Lester was injured, defeating Oakland in Oakland 1-0.


It's possible that I will want the box, but it depends on what the problem with my current XBox turns out to be, and whether you can successfully move a hard drive from one XBox to another and have it work correctly.

Thanks so much for the offer; I will let you know once the repair shop gets their act together and lets me know what's up.


Ted --

If you still have that old XBox around, and don't mind parting with it, I would love to have it.

Mine is dead and gone, but I still have my hard drive and am hoping I can get it working in another original XBox.  (If not, I'll have to get a 360 soon and start a new HH franchise using that...but I really hope not...)

E-mail me off-line at [email protected] and I will figure out how to cover your shipping, etc.




I do and I'm delighted to help you out.  I did some more digging and I found the power cord, the a/v cord (old style yellow, red, white) and the controller!  Ok now for the slightly bad news.  I fired it up and I do remember this happening when I was using it regularly.....the dvd eject is a little wonky.  It doesn't always want to open or stay closed.  You usually have to press it two or three times or nudge it along to help it.  When it doesn't want to open sometimes pushing on the tray cover like you are trying to close a closed door makes it spring open.  I think the eject mechanism is worn out or something, but someone should be able to fix that if it ever goes belly up right?  And it will work you just have to work it a little.  After fiddling with it for 5 minutes I could get it to open and stay closed with a couple of nudges or pushes every time.  When the wife quits the TV tonight I'm going to fire it up on the TV and make sure it actually loads.  I'll even try loading my copy of HH.  Expect an email from atleiker at gmail within 24 hours.  Let's get you back into your dynasty!


Sounds great Ted, my XBox' DVD tray had a very similar issue.

Thanks so much!


Ted: The package just got here!!  Unfortunately I'm leaving for a week-long camping trip momentarily and won't have time to try it until next weekend.

Meanwhile: PLEASE let me know how much the shipping cost so I can send it.