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EA loves the DLC and Ultimate Team

Started by BDSooner72, December 22, 2010, 02:09:19 PM

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Somewhere out there is a guy who's spent big money on football cards. He can look at them, but can't touch them. He can use the players - all elite - in a $60 video game, but never does.

In fact, there are actually 35 of these big spenders - players who have each paid more than $1,000 in real currency to snap up virtual packs of cards in Madden Ultimate Team, a multiplayer team management mode in its second year EA Sports' NFL series. Only, they never put them into a game. They never play a game. Their game, for all anyone knows, is completing these collections. It may be the only reason they bought Madden NFL 11 in the first place.

Other notes (listed from the article at Pastapadre)

•There are many people who have paid over $700 buying card packs in FIFA 11 Ultimate Team. With FIFA 11 having become the highest selling sports game ever worldwide there is a huge pool of potential players for the mode.

•FIFA 10 made over $30 million through Ultimate Team.

•EA is expecting 20% of its revenue this year, approximately $750 million, to come from DLC and game downloads.


Interesting article. Especially the Bills fan who uses the mode just so he can field a good team.  ;D

Personally I can't stand the MUT. It is the worst of the ultimate teams and the one time I tried to use it most of the time was spent waiting on EA servers for each little menu move and transaction.  Much better implemented in the NHL and FIFA games.