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NASCAR The Game 2011 Info

Started by Jason, December 21, 2010, 08:38:54 PM

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Update on Patch #2 05/09/11   

I've been given an update on the progress of Patch #2

The Xbox 360 version is still being extensively tested to ensure that it's released as bug free as possible. Although we hoped to have submitted to Microsoft on Friday 6th May, a handful of issues that needed to be resolved have been found and we're working with Activision to get these addressed as quickly as possible.

Still no change on the PS3 version of Patch #2 due to the ongoing PSN issues. Activision cannot fully test the patch whilst PSN is offline.


Update on Patch #2 05/19/11   

Patch #2 for Xbox 360 is very close to submission and as soon as it has been submitted to Microsoft we'll update everybody. We understand that Xbox 360 players have been waiting a while for the patch now but as mentioned in my previous update we want to make sure that Patch #2 is as bug free as possible before we submit it.

The good news for PS3 players is that now PSN is back up and running, we've been able to begin testing the PS3 version of Patch #2. We're hoping that testing of the PS3 version won't take as long as on 360 because any bugs found on the 360 that apply to the PS3 version should now be easily identified.

As soon as we have a further update I'll update everybody. Thanks again for all your patience.   


That news is somewhat disappointing as I thought the patch would be available by now. Hopefully the patch and DLC are both available within the next 2-3 weeks. I just hope they did a good job on the patch because I have a game with a ton of potential just sitting around collecting dust.


Update on Patch #2 05/26/11

I've been getting a lot of complaints from people saying that we promised Patch #2 on May 9th so I'd like to clear up this misunderstanding first.

The date we gave as May 9th was a date that was realistic if during test no new issues were found. Unfortunately, as some have stated in other threads, when you add so many new features to a patch, as well as fixing the bugs, it can sometimes cause new previously unseen bugs to be identified during test. This is in fact what has happened with Patch #2. Whenever a new bug was identified during the test process we made sure that we addressed it and then submitted a new build of the patch for testing. This is the reason that we missed the estimated release date but I feel that this decision to ensure the integrity of Patch #2 was the right decision.

With the Xbox 360 version it's looking like we'll be submitting the final build of the patch to Activision tomorrow for a final quick check. Then it will be submitted to Microsoft who will then take 1-2 weeks to approve it and then release it.

For the PS3 patch there was a delay at the beginning of the testing process due to the PSN outage and testing could only begin at the start of last week 05/16/11. Despite this many of the bugs that were identified on the 360 version also applied to the PS3 version so this has saved us some time. Because of this we're on track to complete work on the PS3 patch at the end of next week. As with the 360 patch once the final build has been sent to Activision for a final check it will then be submitted to Sony for approval and release which normally takes 1-2 weeks.

I'm confident that you'll be satisfied with the results of Patch #2 because I managed to play an early build of it, from the beginning of last week, and I noticed big improvements in that version and the latest build is even better.



Update on Patch #2 06/03/11   

Last week we submitted the Xbox 360 Patch #2 to Activision for final testing and during the final testing around 15 new bugs showed up that needed to be fixed.

We expect to deliver a new final build on Monday and then a final round of testing will begin. We simply can't ignore these 15 issues, regardless of how long it has taken to finish the patch, they just need to be fixed.

As mentioned in the last update the PS3 Patch #2 testing was delayed due to the PSN outage and has was only able to commence when PSN was restored. We're hoping to submit the PS3 Patch #2 for final testing shortly after the Xbox 360 Patch #2.

We'll update everybody on the status of Patch #2 toward the end of next week.


Their commitment to keeping us updated is laudable, but the longer this goes on, the more you wonder whether the developers really know what they're doing on this one.
Writing about racing cars, again:


Quote from: GB_Simo on June 04, 2011, 01:43:20 PM
Their commitment to keeping us updated is laudable, but the longer this goes on, the more you wonder whether the developers really know what they're doing on this one.

I agree. I think they already missed their window-of-opportunity and it doesn't help that they won't release any DLC until the 2nd patch is out.


Quote from: A wise EnglishmanThey've made some crap, Eutechnyx, certainly.  They're also responsible for the two F1 World Grand Prix games on PSOne, the PSOne version of Le Mans 24 Hours/Test Drive Le Mans, and more recently, Ferrari Challenge and Supercar Challenge on PS3, both of which are flawed but fundamentally very solid games.

The main problem with both of those games is the AI, which is ever so slightly worrying when you consider how many AI cars a NASCAR game needs.

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Writing about racing cars, again:


A lap around the new Pocono:

It would be nice if they'd release the patch so we can finally get our hands on all the new DLC they're working on.


Update on Patch #2 06/11/11

Xbox 360
Testing of Patch #2 will be continuing over the weekend and unless there's is a complete disaster Patch #2 on Xbox 360 should be submitted to Microsoft on Monday or Tuesday. Once the patch has been submitted it will take Microsoft 1-2 weeks to approve and release it.

PlayStation 3
The PS3 Patch #2 is currently around 1 week behind the Xbox 360 version, we've managed to catch up most of the time lost due to the PSN outage, so we're estimating that submission to Sony of the PS3 Patch #2 will take place during the week beginning 06/20/11.

Sony will take 1-2 week to approve Patch #2 but there is some good news, Sony have been known to regularly approve patches in 1 week and under these circumstances there's the possibility that both versions of Patch #2 will be released roughly at the same time.

We will of course update everybody should something unplanned happen that will cause a further delay.

Brad Company


We've just been informed that the NASCAR The Game 2011 Patch #2 for Xbox 360 has passed testing at Activision QA and submission to Microsoft for approval is imminent. Microsoft will take 1-2 weeks to approve the patch. Part of the testing process that Activision QA have been carrying out is to make sure the patch meets submission requirements.

The PS3 version of the Patch is approximately 1 week behind the Xbox 360 version, although many of the fixes are transferable so we're confident that the PS3 version of the patch will also pass testing.


The patch and DLC have finally been submitted to Microsoft. Hopefully we'll see both in 7-10 days.