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My New Xbox Slim

Started by Jason, December 17, 2010, 10:25:43 AM

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I'm loving my new Xbox 360 slim console. First of all, it's great to finally have a ton a hard drive space. I installed all the games I play regularly (about 10) and I still have 140GB of space left. Also, the statements about how quiet the console runs are true. This thing is almost completely silent when not accessing the DVD drive and not much louder when it is. My wife was happy to see that it's black because it now matches all the other electronics in our entertainment center - the big white box of my older Xbox 360 stood out like a sore thumb. I still have the console hard-wired to my network, but it's nice to know that I could go wireless if i ever moved it. Overall, I have to give Microsoft credit for finally building a nice piece of equipment. Even the new controller feels better than the older ones, especially the D-pad.


I didn't know they redesigned the controller too.  What did you do with your old box?


Quote from: Ted on December 17, 2010, 11:58:13 AM
I didn't know they redesigned the controller too.  What did you do with your old box?

The controller isn't redesigned, the stick and d-pad just have a better feel to them. I had just purchased a new controller last month and this one just feels better.

My son got my old Xbox. He prefers Xbox games over their Wii counterparts (especially the Lego games) and he loves Batman Arkham Asylum and can't wait for the sequel next year.


I had a chance at Batman AA for $10 on steam.  I'm kind of sorry I didn't pull the trigger on that.  Everyone says it is so good.


I've tried it and it's a very good game. I'd probably play through it if I had more time - my son completed the game so I saw most of it. The Xbox 360 version is available for only $19.99 and more than worth it.

Brad Company

I still need to beat the final bosses,but can heartily recommend Batman:AA.
Tons of atmosphere and style.Gameplay and combat are smooth and intuitive.
The Challenge modes provide some good replay value.

The next installment will have multiplayer,which i am very curious to see.


Love my new slim, too!  The old one sounded like a hair dryer when I was playing, LOL...