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MLB The Show 11

Started by Jason, December 15, 2010, 04:16:08 PM

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In terms of pitching, the meter the game has been using for years has been revamped a bit to incorporate the new controls. Once pitch and location are selected, gamers will pull back on the right analog stick. This causes the ball on the meter to drop toward a line about three-quarters of the way down. As soon as the ball hits the line, the pitcher will then press up on the right stick, but here's the twist -- if your location is on the outside part of the plate to a right-handed batter, you'll need to press up and to the right in order to guide the ball into the target that will appear at the top of the meter.

This is exactly like NCAA Baseball 07's "Rock and Fire" pitching.


Brad Company

I use the "Classic" pitching controls for the Show,rather than the meter.Better,more variable results for me.Not so "twitch" dependent.
Pitcher ratings seem to mean more using Classic,as well.

I'll be curious try the new scheme,but I'll probably end up sticking with Classic.

I loved the design a stadium feature in NCAA baseball...was able to do a decent Cliff Hagan Field.