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Steam Deck

Started by Jason, March 13, 2024 @ 11:24:09 PM

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Do either of you guys own or interested in the Steam Deck? Ted, I know you play/own a lot of PC games so I'm assuming your entire Steam library would be available to play on the Steam Deck.

I think I'd be all over this if I played PC games. I just recently realized the Steam Deck runs on Linux and updates as easily as modern consoles, essentially avoiding the issues with Windows gaming (driver conflicts/updates, configuration issues and compatibility).

I'd love for the rumors of Microsoft doing something similar to be true. It would be great to have a portable Xbox, similar in power to the Series S, that I could run my entire Xbox digital library on.  


I don't know much about Steam Deck and really have no interest in it. Maybe I'm weird, but I'll game in front of the TV or sitting at my PC, but I don't really think about or want to game on a handheld type of device.  I don't play anything on my tablet or phone other than Woodoku and that's only when I'm riding on the ferry or other public transportation and there's nothing else to do.

I watch my grandkids play on the Switch and it doesn't look like any gaming I'd want to do.