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Wireless headset for series X?

Started by Ted, February 19, 2023 @ 12:02:33 PM

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Hello boys,

Do either of you own and/or have any recommendations for a wireless headset (bluetooth?) for the X?

I'm thinking I'd like to get something to play so the sound doesn't disturb anyone in the house. 

Thanks in advance.


I don't have a wireless set for my Xbox, but the I'd recommend the official Xbox Wireless Headset:

It's not expensive, it's gotten good reviews, it doesn't require a dongle to connect to your Xbox and it's compatible with Windows 10/11 PCs.


That's the one I was looking at too.  Going for it.


I have the wired version of those headphones and they're well made and very comfortable. The wireless version supposedly has much better sound quality though.

Brad Company

I've got the official wireless set, very good for the money.


thanks guys.  Supposed to arrive today.  I'm hoping I can tell which direction that bear growl is coming from in Red Dead.