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Dirt 5 Free to Play Until April 5 on PS4

Started by Jason, April 02, 2021 @ 08:26:05 AM

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Brad Company


There being no more Dirt Rally makes sense to me. Codemasters have the official WRC licence coming their way and that feels like a natural home for a rebranded continuation of the Dirt Rally franchise.

Canning the "main" Dirt line of games surprises me a bit more but with that said, it wasn't obvious to me as I played Dirt 5, or Dirt 4, that this was a series awash with new ideas. Come to that, I could argue broadly the same point for Dirt 3. The more I write, the more it starts making sense...

Dirt 2, though. One of my favourite games of all time.
Writing about racing cars, again:


I can understand EA cancelling the Dirt Rally series with the WRC license, but it's a shame to see the more arcady Dirt series get cancelled too, especially after how much I enjoyed Dirt 5.

Agreed about Dirt 2. It was one of the best racing games back in the Xbox 360 days.