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Personal Gaming Thread

Started by Jason, January 31, 2014 @ 05:25:53 PM

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This would be interesting.

Amazon has been buying up some game developers as of late and there were rumors of an Amazon set top box.  I am a huge fan of Amazon and if this were to ever happen, customer service in the video game business would go up by about 2000%.   


I only shop online with Amazon and would seriously reconsider buying an Xbox One if something like this ever happened.

Is this guy a legit source?


The guy is an insider but it looks like he may have been reaching with this one.

A guy from MS has already scoffed at it.

Brad Company

Any way you slice it, the Bone is in trouble.


There are certain games that will be instrumental in the success of the Xbox One. Titanfall and Halo 5.  They really need to put out a sku without the Kinect and match the PS4 price. The one that should be worrying is Nintendo and the WiiU.

I am not worried because I will end up with a PS4 when they have some games cone out for it that I like.


I don't think the Xbox One will be a failure, but it won't be as successful as the XB360. The PS4 is going to be the top-selling console of the new generation, but the Xbox One will still sell a lot of consoles.

As for Nintendo...they're dead in the water as a console company. The Wii U is a joke and deserves the swift death coming its way.

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Brad Company

The latest NPD numbers are worrying for consoles in general, and XB1 in particular. Obviously, WiiU is stillborn and will probably have the plug pulled in a couple of years.
After the initial surge of hardcore buyers gets their new consoles, how will they sell to casuals? Or has a large part of the market moved on from consoles?
There definitely is talk of MS freaking out if their situation doesn't improve after this quarter. A Kinect-less SKU may help,but then there is no difference between the less powerful console and its' better performing competition. You betcha-Titanfall and H5 better clean up. Those are both big ifs.


It is way to early to tell how well these consoles are going to do based on 3 months of sales data. Speaking of which the Xbox 360 launched in Nov 05 and had no competition. In the same 3 months, with direct competition the Xbox One has easily outsold the 360 in the same time frame.


We'll agree to disagree...I'm officially declaring the next-gen console wars over with the PS4 walking away the victor  ;)

Microsoft released a less-powerful system for $100 more than the PS4. Just today another 3rd party title (Metal Gear Solid V) was announced to run at 1080p on the PS4 and only 720p on the Xbox One.

I understand that graphics aren't everything and I'm sure both games will look very close to each other, but most people base their buying decisions only on specs and right now it seems that every 3rd party game runs better on the PS4. To be quite honest, I saw the PS3 and Xbox 360 screenshots compared to the Xbox One and PS4 screenshots and didn't think there was that much of a difference.

I think Microsoft's biggest problem is that in the past, it was hard to compare the power of the consoles because their architectures were so different. It was truly like comparing apples to oranges and that's not the case anymore. They're both based off of Radeon graphics cards and most people know the the PS4 packs the more powerful and later-gen graphics card along with with faster RAM.

First party titles can certainly make a difference, but I think both sides stack up pretty evenly in that regard too.


We will actually have to agree about agreeing. I have no doubt that the PS4 will be the biggest seller this generation. It is simply way to early to go doom and gloom in regards to the Xbox One. 

The irony in regards to graphics are that PS3 owners did not give two shits that their console was the one that generally underperformed and in some cases damn near unplayable compared to the 360.  All of us Sony gamers who played the greatness that was Uncharted 2/3, The Last of Us, GTA5, just to name a few, did so in native 720P with 30 FPS and loved every minute of it. Now all of a sudden these same Sony gamers commit suicide if a game dares to not reach the glorious 1080P and 60FPS (locked).

The graphical difference is there but it is pretty darn slight and I have seen it firsthand with the PS4/One versions of COD and Battlefield. I do not play framerates and resolutions, I just play games.


I'm not predicting doom and gloom for the Xbox One. I stated earlier that I didn't think it would be a failure, but it won't sell as many units as Microsoft hoped for. People hoping for it to fail should realize that no competition for Sony is NOT a good thing.

Speaking of Uncharted, I started playing my copy of Uncharted on the Vita. It's got a good Tomb Raider vibe and looks amazing for a handheld game. I'm only on the first chapter, but I have a feeling I'll progress through it pretty quickly.


Made it to chapter 5 in Uncharted last night...can't wait until there's a version for the PS4.


Just hit LVL 50 in Dead Rising 3 with 30,000 zombie kills.  So far this is my favorite next gen game.  As much as I loved GTA V, they really screwed the pooch limiting indoor environments.  DR3 is nowhere as large, in regards to map size but there are so many indoor places to explore. Not only that some of the locked up buildings are opened as you move your way through the story.

I just hope MS sorts out the patch/update issues. They went from tiny patches last gen to monstrous patches. DR3 being the biggest culprit with a 5GB and then a 13GB update. Fortunately the majority of these updates are overwriting existing content on the HD or this would be damn near a 50GB game.


I'm on chapter 9 of 34, so I'm a little bit over 25% done. I'd love to be able to play the PS3 versions on the PS4.


The first one is kind of bland compared to the last two.  Uncharted 2 for me is the best of the bunch.  Of course you will be able to play those games on the PS4 eventually through Play Now.