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Christmas Stories

Started by Jason, December 25, 2020, 01:43:04 AM

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I bought my daughter an iPhone 7 three years ago for Christmas but she wanted to upgrade to a newer phone for Christmas this year. She's taken good care of her current phone and never crack the screen these past three years, so my wife and I decided to get her an iPhone 11 this year (the 12's are too expensive). Unfortunately, it wasn't a surprise since T-Mobile sent a text message to her number when I purchased the phone. They did the same thing when I got my older son a Google Pixel last year for Christmas.

Well, today when we were walking into the house with food she dropped her phone on the front steps. It looked like it was fine at first, but once we got inside we noticed a small crack in the screen. I just thought it was funny that after three years she finally cracked her screen on the last day she would be using the phone. Even she commented about how good her timing was. I told her the new phone better last at least that long. We did get a her a good protective case and a tempered glass screen protector for the new phone, so hopefully those help protect it.


We are from such simpler times. A few of my favorite gifts growing up. Oddly enough these were stocking presents.


My friends and I used to collect those helmets.  I forget where we would get them, but they didn't come all in a package like that.  We used to play tabletop football games with them.

Edit:  They probably came out of those old 25 cent bubble gum machines.