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NFL/NCAA Football 2019

Started by BDSooner72, August 29, 2019, 10:30:50 AM

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While I normally keep my birthday hidden, I turned 49 yesterday and the Texas Longhorns gave me the most wonderful gift. Losing the Abilene Christian.

Salt for the wound...

TCU Football adding on...

The greatest stat ever.

This was on par with Texas football losing to Kansas. Happy Birthday to me.  Also OU won but they have to play Gonzaga next. So... 


Happy Birthday!!! I should be able to remember it since it's exactly a week after my wife's, who also just turned 49.

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Now that you mention it I remember she an I had really close Birthdays. 


An SEC Shorts out of the blue? Joy!

Joe Milton, welcome to the SEC.


Kansas had a trophy for their spring game and it is glorious.