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The Movie/TV Thread

Started by Jason, July 20, 2018, 09:21:50 PM

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Brad Company

I saw it on disc, not sure if it's streaming, yet.


Good Omens (Amazon Prime) is well worth a watch, even if just for the acting of David Tennant and Michael Sheen playing a Demon and an Angel. It's a interesting twist on seeing the two form a friendship to fight off the end of the world.

Even as a not overly devout Christian I was not offended by anything. It pokes fun at religion and some of the hypocrisies. God is voiced by a woman. Who is to say it is not a she or as many people think does not exist. I got a good laugh out of Alanis Morissette playing god in the movie Dogma. I am hoping for a second, even longer season.


Quote from: BDSooner72 on July 04, 2019, 04:34:24 AM
It pokes fun at religion and some of the hypocrisies.

I'm going to watch it for this reason alone.

Tonight we are starting our Stranger Things season 3 marathon.


Forgot Stranger Things 3 was hitting tonight. That is definitely what I will be watching once people stop popping fireworks near my backyard. 


I'm 4 episodes in and will probably finish it up tonight. Enjoying it more than season two so far.


Quote from: Jason on July 05, 2019, 11:19:45 AM
I'm 4 episodes in and will probably finish it up tonight. Enjoying it more than season two so far.

Watched two more episodes and will watch the final two tomorrow night.


Up to the last two episodes. Really good but season one was just on another tier. Anything after it was going to be a bit of a letdown. I watch a ton of TV shows and very few can keep pace after a breakout season one showing. One of the few shows that has constantly improved after starting out brilliantly is Bosch on Amazon Prime. Sherlock would be another one, if not for a few duds in season 4 and the Christmas Special. Luther could have been another but they botched what could have been one of the great nemesis/lover/psychopath in Alice Morgan, even then it is still worth every minute of view time. 


Things I learned from Stranger Things 3.

Spoilers, used a light text so highlight to see.

1. Winona Rider's character is the real monster. Destroyer of good men and separator of friendships, moving her family and Eleven to another town.
2. Robin was the star character of season 3. They could make a sitcom out of her and Steve working at the video rental place and I would watch it. Both hitting on the same girls. Dumb guy/smartass girl would entertain me endlessly. I need to work up a script and send it to Netflix.
3. "Not the American" after the credits roll. Probably not Hopper, though I think he escaped into Upside-Down. Have seen a lot of people mention Barb from Season One since you never see or hear her actually die. My guess is the Mayor or Hopper and I was wrong about how he escaped. I did love that they went into this a half-minute into the end credits. Half the viewership probably never saw it and thought it was the final season and were busy on trying to get Netflix to make a fourth season.
4. Dustin needs glasses. Suzie is way way way way way way not hotter than Phoebe Cates.
5. I had the photo from that Phoebe Cates Fast Times cutout in my bedroom when I was just a pup. Good times, good times indeed.


I don't think I could have agreed with you any more on all of your points.

Anyone dumb enough to turn it off before the end credits finished deserves to miss the real ending.


My wife brought up a good point about the final scene in Stranger Things 3 (highlight to see):
The Russians kept referring to Hopper and Hopper only as "The American" all season, which really makes me think it's him in the cell at the end. Also, I don't see how you can have a season 4 without him. The kids alone aren't going to be able to handle whatever is thrown at them in season 4, especially with Eleven possibly losing her powers.


She makes a good point. It will be interesting to see what happens. Also another bit of foreshadowing that I saw mentioned but did not put the two together while watching.

The TV News shows an image of the sign that says "Welcome to Hell"  Hell being spray painted over Hawkins. Last thing Hooper says, "See you in Hell."


One more thing:

My son noticed that Hopper wasn't seen near the machine right before it exploded, which they made sure to show. I verified that by watching it again to confirm. He's not standing where he was when the machine actually explodes.


There is also the possibility

He escaped through the crack and is in the upside down world. Remember how many times the "keep the door three inches open" was used. Lastly at the end of the letter.   


Rewatching Friday Night Lights the TV shows and boy was season two just awful. I remember it being not very good but this was jumped the shark and over another shark and then Landry jumped three more sharks for no apparent reason awful.  I am past the middle of the season and they have shown at most five minutes of football and no clue what their record is. So may things going on and most of them never get resolved or forgotten (looking at you young boy whose mom Riggins had sex). The list of annoying characters in this season would be hard to top.

Landry, who all of a sudden becomes a football hero, to a murderer and then finally just a broken shell of a man thanks to Trya.  Loved him in Breaking Bad, such an awesome character.
Lyla, from banging Riggins to finding Religion.
Tami Taylors sister.
Julie, who should have gotten an award for the most accurate portrayal of a female teenager in the history of acting. She ticked pretty much all the boxes on the annoying teenager chart.
Smash, letting a white girl run him around. You are Smash M****** F****** Williams.
Jason Street and more than an hour dedicated to his antics. The Gang Takes a Trip to Mexico! They forgot to take Hurc and in turn any enjoyment I could have had from that footage.
Timbo Riggins, just way too dreamy for me. How is this guy ending up at a Meth house feeding ferrets for room and board?  How do you miss weeks of practice and still stay on the team?
Meth Guy.
Riggins Brother.
Generic feel good story character that Lyla and Papa Garrity try to save. From zero to hero to I honestly can't remember how his story ends. I guess finishing season two will be required to find out.  :(

On a side note. Odessa Permian, the team behind the book, was under two hours from where I played HS ball and was the based on the Permian team during my junior year. Never got play them or Midland Lee, the other area powerhouse and Permian's rival.


Thankfully Friday Night Lights is out of the way.   Finished Season 4 of Poldark on Prime. Not the best season but it sets up for an interesting Season 5. 

Now back to football as Last Chance U Independence part 2 aired yesterday on Netflix. Mild Spoiler even though I have not watched the show but follow the news. Coach Brown you and your three Cadillacs will be missed, hope you are enjoying the beach house and trying to stay out of prison.  Speaking of Last Chance U, some genius thought this would be a good idea.

Did anyone outside of Courtney Cox and Michael Strahan as for this? A scripted version?  Really?  ::)