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NHL13 GM Connected

Started by Ted, December 29, 2012, 11:15:42 PM

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As of last night still freezing.  I think it is a lost cause.  Last night Jake created a new league.  He is commish so his system.  He wanted random rosters so he went with that.  He picked Calgary blind (as the commish can't see the team ratings or top players before picking his team) so I decided to stay in that division and took Edmonton who are rated poorly, but I like the team building part and wanted a project.  Still Superstar with 8 minute periods.

Jake asked me if you guys wanted to join and I'd said I'd throw it out to you.  If you want to maximize human games and stay in the division the other teams are Vancouver, Colorado, and Minnesota.  I saw that Vancouver and Colorado are pretty strong, while Minn is weak like Edmonton.  You don't have to pick that division though, feel free to do whatever you want.  If you are intersted in the Pitt players I think I saw Crosby at Anaheim and Fluery at Vancouver.

League name is "beef supreme".  We'd love to have both you and Jason join back up no matter what team you pick and how much you want to play or how you want to play.

Edit:  forgot to add that we haven't started playing yet.  Just picked teams.


Hey guys we made a random attempt to advance the original league that got stuck and it worked.....

I still need to advance one or two more times to get to the start of season two, but if it works do you guys want to join back up for your original NYR and PIT teams?


I'd be interested. I've been watching a ton of playoff hockey and wouldn't mind playing some NHL 13.

Did EA fix something or do you think you just got lucky?


I don't know which, but I would guess that we got lucky.